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Bucegi Natural Park


Park Management Plan - approved by H.G. 187/2011

Management Plan of Bucegi Natural Park is the official document that establishes the general framework for the actions to be carried out over the next 10 years to achieve the objectives of the protected area, and will be the basis for the activities of the Park Administration.

The Management Plan is a stable framework for integrating the issues of conservation and protection of the natural and cultural environment with those aimed at socio-economic development in Bucegi Natural Park and an instrument for dialogue between the institutions that manage the natural and human resources of this area. The actions in the Management Plan have been formulated taking into account the natural, cultural, social and economic resources of Bucegi Natural Park.

The aim of the management plan is to promote a management model that allows the sustainable development of human communities and the conservation of the landscape, biological diversity and other values of the natural and cultural environment of Bucegi Natural Park.

The management plan of Bucegi Natural Park aims to integrate the objectives of conservation and protection of natural resources into the concerns of local stakeholders and to promote a common view in order to achieve their continued collaboration in the management of the natural area's heritage.

The official document can be downloaded below

Bucegi Natural Park Limits


The official document can be downloaded below